Sylvan Lands, Vol. II

by Holden Days

Laying on the floor Seems all I know All I know Nothing is anymore; Anymore seems something slow When laying on the floor Living in myself See all the world All the world Everything is beautiful Beautiful sees me distant When living in myself How long can you gleam the skies Until your stars pearl down? Wherein I catch you There I shall know you. High hang those fishlines, Weaving them fine Just to draw my eyes
Grow 04:52
While our limbs belong in breeze Our hands will gather leaves to press And stain the page The colours turn but memories preserve Failure burns yet faithfulness will serve Us well Such a tangible and practical reflection of a lavish-hearted Grace We ever learn to set our sights on high A tired gaze refreshed and made alive And every sundering we face will serve Us well Will you always be my friend? You were always the closest part of me If I grew too tired to keep the ideal Did I grow in vain and is my heart concealed No more hiding No more writhing No more dying alone No more silence No more shyness I need balance
(Your day just passes away Were you wandering All day, all day Your day just passes away) Heart of my Consciousness I'm dressed to die in this And now I feel everything. I have laid my life waking in the night Oh, where is the promise of Your light? Spare me once From my shelter And I'll find the new so sweet To me (Your nights will make their claim While you haste to break, I'll wait I'll wait)
Blush 03:18
Seaside, a broken hideaway, your arms so open then, now keep me away Behind your severed faith in me You paint over the scenes I'm still working on Coloured like your blush Pushed into the bay Drowning out my voice But I'll still call your name I still want to know your pain Tuesday I had a dream of you The way I clung to you like love at last sight How desperately you want what's in your head to be what's in your life You're breathing Fahrenheit I'm speaking Celsius But I'm freezing anyway. And I still call your name And I still want to know your pain
Morning Moon 06:10
Morning moon Loom of day Weaves me through your hand Nape of neglect Windows you slept through When I set, fall to the sea Sweeter my dreams Mend all the seams Languid you wake Old light will break you-- --Were the first thing on my mind Frozen lake Takes me in Once so pallid Now it makes me Feel like a treasure When I am tethered Buried wings The ground it sings/the grounded sing (for you) Veril green fangs Or frostbitten veins Lines in your hands Like wind over sand Blue tiris to the farthest song Birds made of porcelain bowed for sea
52 05:00
I Pardon your absence and I Count all the days I have left Til you forget me again Move like a dream Away from the conscious comfort here Fall suddenly Into the arms of someone near Feigning an interest there Given to wiles of a want Begging for mercy when I wake Move like a dream Away from the conscious comfort here Fall suddenly Into the arms of someone near
Matted Rose 04:16
There's something about you My, my matted rose I've pressed you in a book To see if you hold your pose All the quiet words That you whispered They all bleed on the page You've nowhere to keep me, you tell me to go Is this easy for you? You don't have to let me know. It's something to think that I'm feigning repose After all I've pressed on, I think that I'll keep you close I don't keep track of time With all of our days behind I thought our love would bloom I know I spoke too soon I can't make sense of this Forgetting the things I miss Our autumn faces pale These walls to tall to scale
Remember when I wrote your name A beauty so common The tracings I relive of you Are a glory understood I can think of every time The pouring from the clouds Ride along inside your car In wonder of all of you My memories are tinted with your colour Every season brings a reason to forget somebody else Bring me flowers now not later, while I'm here while you're here, ever on my mind Indifference will find a way To separate our paths The memory has been made But I'm left wanting more My memories are tinted with your colour
A breeze will fill my shortness of breath And your voice is warmer than today I'm sorry you're not feeling too well But just know you're glowing in the dark I'll see you when we've lives of our own And our children will share the names we dreamt Shaking in that summer wind I gave all my leaves to cover you All these things I catch in that breeze
*Forage saporial consequence; The spectral ties that hang above us all* "Laurels of labours long as light Won't languish for the far surpassing crawl I'll be the summer in the snow Wisp of the willows, you will know" Siding in shadows of the noon Wading in the waters every night "Sad voiced darling, sing to me" *A pale face; empyrean, pale moon* I'll hang my harp among your vines Palms of the noon entice my eyes "Moon will pull the sun by string Deepest waters lull and sing While you're looking for your love I'll take my aim and hope to bring You back home." What keeps me on is what won't break A knot so tight, the tangled mess of mine Tireless, watching eyes resolve To lay regards in fetters where I find You are the solace and the lace Thread of Your fingers keeps my gaze Seasons twist and ages flee Yet You are fairest in all I see While I am without you, Love Your Sylvan Lands are where I call my home


Be sure to check out Vol. I here:

“...I have no doubt it’ll be one of my most listened to records in 2020, because this is excellent mood music for when I need to breathe deep and de-stress at the end of a day or week filled with alarming news and general uncertainty.”



released March 15, 2020

All songs written and performed by Timothy Jude Andrews
-William Luke Culbertson on additional organs, beat programming, banjos and synths on tracks 2, 4, and 8
-Christian Michael Hernandez on drums for track 6.
Track 6 co-written with William Louis Paulsen


all rights reserved



Blurescent Lexington, Kentucky

Record Label by Eric McClanahan. Promoting great bands and great causes.

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